Digital Marketing & Social Media

As the world spins around quickly every day, PaM++ does, too, and at an even faster speed. Digital marketing has become the number one tool, especially in the lifestyle & hospitality industry, where clients could come in from any corner of the world. Everyone must be reached.   PaM++ emphasizes the A-Z awareness; from the moment a consumer anywhere in the world starts searching for ‘a product or a service’ at their home all the way to the point of purchase and, in most cases, to post-visit experience for repeat business or digital word-of-mouth.  Another focus is on the analysis of those online activities. As mentioned, PaM++ evolves every day to ensure there are analysis and improvement on all digital marketing activities, not just to execute them.

  • Website Development and Management
  • Online Presence (SEO, SEM, Displays)
  • Social Media Management (Front end Content & Back end performance)
  • Insights & Analytics

Sample Digital Marketing & Social Media Clients

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