• How did PaM++ get started?

Throughout the years, several have approached Pam with questions, requests, concerns or even immediate needs for MARKETING, PR, BRANDING, OPENING, and RE-LAUNCHING of their hotels, restaurants, clubs, lifestyle products and condominium projects. Though Pam, at that time, was not fully able to help in a professional way as she had been overwhelmed with several opening and re branding several hotels in the past years, she had enjoyed discussing and providing ideas in friendly manners. She then used her passion and expertise and opened up her own MARKETING CONSULTING FIRM focusing on hotels, resorts, restaurants, bars and lifestyle products. She does understand owners’ objectives. It’s not only about the awareness, but the awareness must bring in the revenues, too.

  • What is the main service of PaM++?

Marketing consultation but please also refer to WHAT WE DO (WELL) section as we have grown over the years.

  • What is PaM++’s fee structure?

Under normal circumstances, we do charge monthly fee on our consultation services. However, there have been some cases that we have worked out special fee structure for them based on needs and budget.

  • Which area(s) do you cater to?

Thailand and neighboring countries.