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This is the core business of our firm, one of which PaM++’s marketing consultant team takes the role of a director of marketing and communications of our clients’ companies, being part of the team.  Because our consultants do not only consult. They brand, they position, they strategize, they plan, they lay out the budget, and they manage businesses in the Marketing area for their clients.  Our marketing consultants frequently even coach and structure the clients’ marketing & communications team to function the effective way that they do.  PaM++ is part of your team.

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing Plan
  • Marketing Budget
  • Marketing team structure
  • Marketing team coaching & supervision
  • Strategy and input in relation with other departments relating to branding and marketing
  • Insights and analytics of activities
  • Connection linkages

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What are Marketing Consultant’s roles and responsibilities?

According to The Balance Small Business website, a marketing consultant is defined as an outside and professional marketer/advisor who works with companies to create and implement marketing strategies. The roles and responsibilities marketing consultants need to be successful are clearly identified.

Why hire a Marketing Consultant?

This question gives you answers not only why you need to hire a marketing consultant, but also when, the benefits of doing so, as well as learning to improve on your weaknesses by learning from your consultant. gives insights on how and why you are considering hiring a marketing expert and what to expect from them.

What is the fee structure for hiring a marketing consulting firm?

The fee is normally charged on a monthly retainer basis. The duration of the contract depends on the agreement by both parties, but normally at a minimum of three months. However, both duration and monthly are very much dependent on the type of the project, and timeline as well as the objectives and KPIs.

Consultancy can bring expertise and a fresh perspective to a business, the latter being key to identifying areas for improvement. Often from the inside, it is hard to see what is creating issues and unnecessary challenges to a business.

As leading marketing consultants in Bangkok, Thailand, we bring experience from a range of fields that can help to best position a company in the market. For example, experience in brand consultancy and hotel consultancy brings knowledge of fast-changing and dynamic sectors to marketing across the board. Changes happen in your business, and you must keep up to date. Surge needs in digital marketing come in every sector imaginable, from peak holiday times for travel to new trends in branding. To keep up with these needs, consultants can bring fresh eyes and proven success in ensuring your marketing department is running as effectively as possible.

Apart from the external changes in digital marketing, the running of the team is important to ensure efficient and accurate work is achieved. A marketing consultant can come in for a finite period of time and identify key areas for improvement. Maybe some parts of the working process seem to bottleneck. It can be difficult to see why this is happening from the inside. The simple reason for this is that if we have always used a particular system, we sometimes don’t see any other way of working.

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