Marketing Consultancy

This is the core business of our firm, one of which PaM++’s consultant team takes the role of a director of marketing and communications of our clients’ companies, being part of the team.  Because our consultants do not only consult. They brand, they position, they strategize, they plan, they lay out the budget, and they manage businesses in the Marketing area for their clients.  Consultants frequently even coach and structure the clients’ marketing & communications team to function the effective way that they do.  PaM++ is part of your team.

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing Plan
  • Marketing Budget
  • Marketing team structure
  • Marketing team coaching & supervision
  • Strategy and input in relation with other departments relating to branding and marketing
  • Insights and analytics of activities
  • Connection linkages

Sample Marketing Consultancy Clients

Other Services

Branding & Positioning
Digital Marketing & Social Media
Public Relations & Influencer Marketing
Consumers’ Insight
Financial Planning Assistance