Who's PAM?
Panasporn Pam Nopasri
Pam Nopasri's full profile

PAM NOPASRI is an expert in the Hospitality industry specializing in effective, connected, and realistic marketing plans and strategies.

She is also a prominent figure in the industry who pioneered the Truly Connected marketing, invented the Marketing Lifeline, and has proven success in pre-opening, rebranding, branding, or re-launching of hotels, restaurants, bars, condominium projects, as well as lifestyle products.

In a glance:

Pam Plus Who We Are

  • A winner of CMO Asia’s Thailand Women Leaders 2018
  • A winner of The Most influential Global Marketing Leader by World Marketing Congress 2019
  • A keynote speaker and lecturer at various seminars, national associations, and universities.
  • A Professional Coach of over 100+ corporate branding sessions
  • A key member of SASIN’s Mentorship Program as a Professional Mentor
  • An occasional author of articles relating to the myth of the hospitality marketing industry at various English language online and offline publications.
  • Often interviewed by members of the press regarding Branding and Marketing insights and trends.
  • Previously an Executive Committee member of Thailand PR Association