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Lawson Launches Stores In Japan’s Metaverse Ecosystem: good piece of digital marketing news

To call the convenience store business in Japan “competitive” is an understatement. This battlefield is home to a wide range of chains dominated by the big three: 7-Eleven, Family Mart, and Lawson. As a result of their rapid expansion, they don’t have enough labor to operate the thousands of stores they currently have. So it appears Lawson is now showing interest in the virtual landscape of the metaverse.

The convenience store will move onto a corner of Parareal Akihabara

The convenience shop will relocate to a corner of Parareal Akihabara, a digital reproduction of the otaku paradise. Right down to the local station’s interior, during Virtual Market Winter 2021.

You can’t just stroll in and grab a pack of gum or make copies, though, because it’s in virtual reality. Instead, this will be more of a Lawson booth. With 15 of their most well-known goods like onigiri on exhibit, along with 3-D models, pictures, and descriptions.

The virtual Lawson has three special experience areas that your avatar can interact with.

Your avatar can interact with three different experience areas in the virtual Lawson. As the year draws to a close, guests will be able to create their own virtual Lawson Christmas cake by selecting seasonal toppings. Taking part in the drawing will also give you a chance to win a free Premium Roll Cake from a Lawson shop.

Likewise, visitors can deep fry their own Karaage-kun chicken and package it with their avatar’s face on it. You can enter to win a free order of Karaage-kun if you complete this experience.

There’s also a virtual self-serve coffee machine. Where you can make yourself a virtual cup of java and carry it about Parareal Akihabara like a genuine VR hipster. Again, simply finishing this assignment qualifies you to win a genuine cup of coffee from a real Lawson at a later date.

VTubers may have already discovered that this Lawson will be staffed by some well-known figures.

Furthermore, VTubers may have already discovered that this Lawson will be staffed by some well-known figures. While Virtual Market Winter 2021 takes place from December 4 to 19. Ruri Asano, the Omega Sisters, and Aoi Fuji will be acting floor managers and aiding consumers.

Since its launch in 2018, Virtual Market has rapidly grown its base of traffic, which primarily derives from the major dojinshi conference Comiket, which had to be canceled multiple times due to COVID-19. They even set a Guinness World Record for the most booths at a virtual reality market event in February of this year, and are already attracting the attention of huge corporations like Lawson.

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