Digital Marketing is now our Way of Life

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Digital Marketing is making the world move at an even faster speed and has undeniably become people’s way of life!

What opportunities lie for marketers to grab?

A few years ago, “Digital Transformation” was the big new thing.  Everyone was looking to transform, shifting budgets from offline to online, adapting marketing plans, or start implementing AI-based solutions.   The change was big but moving at a slow pace.  Covid-19 changed everything.  Digital Transformation or digital marketing was adapted automatically.  People of all races, sexes, and ages did not even have time to grasp whether they wanted to get on the digital bus or not.  It just happened.

What have we been doing digitally for the past 16 months?

Staying home opened up a wide range of uncovered or forgotten activities people can simply do at home.  From gardening, YouTube cooking classes, online shopping, Tik Tok, all the way to deliveries that range from food to groceries to medication.   Zoom meetings have become the new norm, not just for those who WFH, but for parents and kids to ride along with online schooling.   The list does not stop there, the government implemented several apps and web-based solutions for financial assistance as well as vaccination processes.  Basically, digital marketing and technology have become part of our daily life whether for life’s basic needs or for fun from the moment we wake up.

Research done by Electronic Transactions Development Agency  (ETDA )shows that Gen Y (20-39 years old) has the highest internet usage rate of 12.26 hours per day.  Gen Z (20 years and younger) came in second at 12.8 hours per day.  Gen X (40-55 years old) at 10.20 hours per day, while to our surprise, Baby Boomers (56-74 years old), though came in last, but still logged an impressive 8.41 hours per day.   This clearly shows and supports our statement above, that digital marketing has really become the “way of life” for everyone.

Get in on the Digital Marketing Opportunity Train

Marketing dollars may have been used more towards Gen Y or Gen Z earlier, as they rank number 1 in internet use and they add up to 1/3 of the entire world population at approximately 7 billion people.   But now, we feel that every group, every gen is now used to having digital marketing by their side, and this is time we tap into the Baby Boomers Group.  Whether it is for shopping, deliveries, raise hailing, you name it, but the opportunities open up for developers to make apps or websites that are more senior-friendly?  Just an idea.  They will use it, but you have to make sure it’s friendly for them to use it on a long-term basis.   Remember, online activities could be easier to track and analyze the performance, too.

Get on it, opportunities lie even in the worst times.

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